Even though high pressure water jet cutting goes back more than 100 years, it has been gaining more and more popularity over the last years. Where during the 1930s water pressure was employed for cutting stone, today extensive and complicated processes are being developed and continuously expanded.

In thermal cutting processes such as laser, plasma cutting, EDM, or in mechanical cutting methods like sawing, milling and shearing, one always eventually reaches limits of processing and their negative consequences such as burns, melting, strain, microscopic cracking, joint alteration to the material that is being cut.

Examples of materials that are handled by CNC water jet cutting:
  • metal
  • plastics
  • elastomers
  • fibre materials
  • glass
  • stone
  • natural materials
  • tiles / ceramics
  • we also gladly cut special materials
Water jet cutting fulfils a variety of uses in all industrial sectors and branches. For example:
  • Aviation and aeronautics industry:
    Alloys of titanium, aluminium or CrNiCo basis, as well as compound materials which are preferably used in aircraft components and jet engines.
  • Residential and commercial construction:
    Tiles, hard stone blocks, concrete, gypsum wallboard, insulating materials, fibre material, plexiglass, trim or decorative mosaics.
  • Machine building:
    Stainless steel, copper, aluminium, titanium and other metals or cast parts for use in chain sprockets, assemblies, fixtures, cutting disks, racks.
  • Glass industry:
    Compound glass for residential construction, facades, service counters, mirrors etc.
  • Wood processing industry:
    Plywood, laminated wood, hardwoods for all applications.
  • Automobile manufacturers and suppliers:
    Interior panels made of compound glass, instrument panels, plastic exterior trim, sleeves gaskets.
  • Electrical industry:
    Mica, for circuit boards or electrical components.

Water jet cutting is highly versatile, and may be used with high precision on almost all materials. The process becomes especially interesting for filigree shapes, producing prototypes and difficult to process materials. It's especially suited for small to medium sized production lots, and also for large production runs.

Our expertise and high flexibility make us a highly competent and strong partner in finding flexible solutions for you.

Water jet cutting technology - an economical alternative for your products. Use our experience to your benefit!
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