Bartsch has produced asbestos-free gaskets since 1973, and is one of the first companies that committed itself to environmental protection on the European market. In addition to fulfilling all legal requirements, the application of fibre reinforced materials, including glass, ceramic, Aramide and Kevlar, are avoided.

Our products are almost exclusively made of graphite and carbon. The unique properties of these materials allow broad application in gasket technology. Increasingly our graphite products are convincing other industrial sectors of their advantages.
The requirements posed by our technically driven clients are becoming more challenging than ever. More importantly the quality of our products, which are manufactured strictly according to national and international legal requirements and norms, are keeping pace. As a result their proper use and function are assured even under the harshest of applications.

This level of quality has convinced our clients, and provides for a long-term cooperation based on trust.

The production of our are articles is continuously monitored by special, non-destructive and analytical methods.

Since the founding of the company, only industrial distributors and gasket manufacturers have been supplied. Our Quality Assurance reports directly to the Managing Director. Bartsch GmbH is certified as to DIN EN ISO 9001.

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