Product Lines

Graphite is not only a material with many beneficial properties, but it is also possible to produce a wide variety of products with it. You'll find our product lines here on this page.

Pure graphite rings

Pure graphite rings represent the most common use of graphite. To give you a small overview of how these rings may appear, you'll find the typical ring forms here.
Utilising the world's largest tool park, we produce rings from 3 mm to 1150 mm OD. The weights also vary over a similarly impressive range, as we've manufactured rings from a minimum of 0.05g up to a maximum of 7104g.
The tools for manufacturing the rings are made in-house. That's why it is possible for us to react quickly to your needs.
Also it is possible for us to equip the rings with stainless steel or wire mesh inserts.

As a special service to you, we keep a number of different rings in stock. It is possible, for ring orders that reach us before noon, to deliver them within 24 hours (due to logistical reasons, this is only possible for Germany).

Bonnet gaskets

These are a special variation of pure graphite rings. This variation is also known as high pressure gaskets, or closure lids.
In most cases, these rings possess a bevel on the inside and / or outside diameters. An angle here of 45° is usual, but 30° and 60° are also often used.
They may be used for pressures up to 700 bars and temperatures up to 400°C. Of course these gasket systems must be suited to the design of the fixture on which they will be used.
We gladly equip these gaskets with stainless steel caps.

Exhaust rings

These rings also belong to the line of pure graphite rings.
They are distinguished by their dome shape and are reinforced with a wire mesh. Here we offer rings made of graphite as well as mica.
The area of application includes exhaust systems of almost every automobile manufacturer. For more information, please contact us!

In addition to the pure graphite rings, we also offer the following graphite gaskets:

Graphite tape

With pure graphite tape or even the purest graphite tape, they may be supplied in various widths. These may have a corrugated or smooth surface. Also the tape may be equipped with a self-adhesive back.
Tapes are a universally applicable sealing product. They may be applied for example to the seal surface of a flange, or to compensate for surface unevenness on old flanges. It is also possible to use them on seals such as camprofile gaskets. Further, spindles on valves are often sealed with pure graphite tape.

Camprofile gaskets and spiral wound gaskets

Camprofile and spiral wound gaskets are characterised by their very low leakage and very high mechanical stability. These gaskets have widespread use in the petrochemical industry.
Our programme includes gaskets in DIN and ANSI sizes. We welcome your enquiries!

Flanged gaskets

To strengthen the inside diameter of flat gaskets, they may be equipped with an inner eyelet. The eyelets offer multiple advantages:

  • leakage is reduced further
  • the medium doesn't not come in direct contact with the gasket material, contamination of the medium is thus prevented
  • resistance against gasket blow-out is increased
  • the gasket is cleanable in process
We equip gaskets with eyelets made of 1.4571 with a thickness of 0.15 mm and 0.10 mm, or also made of copper or soft iron. You can procure finished gaskets from us made of graphite with inner eyelets, or you may have us outfit your gaskets with inner eyelets. We offer gaskets of SIGRAFLEX Universal, SIGRAFLEX High Pressure or SIGRAFLEX Select with inner eyelets.
When we equip your gaskets with inner eyelets, you may also request all other soft material gaskets. You only need to send it to us and to specify the eyelet.

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